17-18-19 August 2012 / De Montfort Hall & Gardens, Leicester

  • "The Grandson of Glastonbury"
    Steve Lamacq, BBC 6Music

  • "The finest weekend out that Leicester has to offer... Not to be missed"
    The Mirror

  • "One of Britain's Premier Music Events"

  • "Anyone half awake knows that Summer Sundae is hitting the musical spot better than ever"

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    The Guardian


Death In Vegas

10:25pm, Saturday, Indoor Stage

Death In Vegas

Richard Fearless, aka Death In Vegas, is one of the most exciting and unique artists to emerge from the UK dance scene in the last twenty years. Since the mid 90s Death In Vegas have produced memorable, often dark records, mixing electro, dub, rock and psychedelia. A string of hits from early sample heavy singles like Dirt (which features the excellent use of "it's a free concert from now on" speech from the MC at Woodstock) to celebrity guest led singles like Top 10 hit Aisha (featuring Iggy Pop) and Scorpio Rising (with Liam Gallagher).

After seven years away from London and Death In Vegas (largely spent in New York where he formed a raw rock band called Black Acid) Richard made a stealthy return to the capital and the band last year with the release of Trans Love Energies. Returning to his roots fusing minimalist electronica with psychedelic rock, he's created a refreshed sound very much in the now yet still all his own. His East London studio crammed with gadgets like the 303, 808, 909, a Korg MS-20 synth and a Roland SH-09 have been put to good use. Trans Love Energies is a record which sees Fearless provide vocals for the first time along with Katie Stelmanis from the excellent Domino band Austra, who guests on three of the tracks. Death In Vegas have also been found providing re-mixes for the likes of Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, Hurts, The Kills and The Horrors.

"Tough, transcendent and sexy in a rather odd fashion, Trans-Love Energies is a fine return and a worthy addition to the catalogue of a band whose path has become more of a fantastic voyage than a standard career." BBC Music